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MPUC-SH(single hole ) -Misting cooling system fitting ,Spray Misting Fittings

Name : Spray Misting Fittings

1.It is suitable for 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" of stainless steel pipe .HDPE pipe ,Nylon tube.

2.It is easy to use can be reused .

3.Advanced CNC Iathe machine products  .size precision, quanlity and stability .

4.Quality stability ,do not come off and drop.

5.Thread type: -10-24nuc.

6.Body material: H59 copper .

7.The surface of nickel plating.

8.The maximum working pressure : 2610PSI / 180BAR

9.Working temperature: -20--120

10: Working medium: Water 

  • MPUC-SH(single hole ) -Misting cooling system fitting ,Spray Misting Fittings

 The high pressure spray seal no leakage, long life. The release ring adopts slotted structure, automatic processing, plug more easily, not easy to scratch the surface of the pipe forming. Resistant high temperature 120 ℃, resistant to high-pressure 1450PSI/100 , corrosion resistance, anti ultraviolet, appearance, life etc. characteristics.


The high-pressure spray joint is mainly used and widely used in landscaping, cooling, air humidifying, spray disinfectant, epidemic prevention, deodorization air purification, swimming pool, spa pool, hot springs, park paddle, artificial fog, landscape design, landscaping and new energy development utilization.

Industry: textile factory, cigarette factory, electronic factory, paper mill, printing workshop, automobile paint workshop, wood furniture factory, fire (fried) drug production workshop of humidification; power plants, steel cooling plant, brewing, food industry high temperature high Shihuan conditions humidification and cooling.


Fog landscape: ultra-fine suspended in air micro droplet like clouds like the wind moving, flickering, create charming scenery effect; at the same time the ultra-fine micro mist particles containing a large number of negative ions, increase the air oxygen content, greatly to create and improve people's lives and living environment.