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4V Series Solenoid Valve.

4V Series Solenoid Valve

Product Features

* Stable life cycle, guaranteed 12,000,000 times.
*Manifolds are available for all sizes.
*Various voltages and working styles are available.
* Different surface treatment   , BSPP, BSPT and NPT thread are available.

4V series solenoid valves have 5/2 and 5/3 types, size from M5 to 1/2’’,

While 5/2 types have single solenoid type and double solenoid type,

Single solenoid valves is repositioned by the spring,

and the double solenoid valve is repositioned by the coil.

5/3 type solenoid valve can make the cylinder piston stop at any position.


  • 4V Series Solenoid Valve.

*This series solenoid valve adopts integral slot throttle structure.

The valve hole is processed with special high precision finishing technique.

The product has good performance and good change over with long service life,

 Handsome  shape and large airflow. It is widely applied to pneumatic system.

*Guiding Solenoid Valve is normally  for air control and guiding control.

It can also direct control pneumatic device.

It is in small dimension with high action frequency and long service life.